CoverMyTest Partners With Your Lab
To Make Prior Authorization Pain-Free

  • Connect with all LBMs and payors with a single submission to us

  • Save time and money with our customizable, streamlined solution

  • Deliver fast, reliable results to labs and providers 

Verify Prior Authorization

Our CMT Laboratory Assist Program™ quickly verifies whether there is a need for prior authorization (PA). You will then be sent a notification.


Submit Your PA Information

Simply enter your prior authorization information into our portal or upload to us and we’ll enter it for you. We’ll send on to all insurance carriers and LBMs within 24 hours.


Streamline Your Process 

CMT provides comprehensive market access services to all participants in the molecular diagnostics
arena, including patients, providers, laboratories, payors and IVD diagnostic manufacturers.

CMT leverages the molecular diagnostics and precision medicine market’s emerging need for prior
authorization solutions that has arisen from the growing number of payors that require PAs.

Having run precision medicine and molecular diagnostics testing laboratories and billing companies
we know your challenges and how to meet them.

We partner with you to cut through the clutter and keep your claims on track from start to finish.

And we deliver the highest quality results with speed and precision, all fully HIPPA-compliant.

How we do this:

Customize to your lab’s workflow and systems

Streamline your workload, speed your submissions


Submit once to us and our CMT Laboratory Assist Program™ does the rest





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