Perry Dimas

Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer

Perry has more than 15 years of commercialization and reimbursement experience with novel diagnostics.

In co-founding CoverMyTest, Perry continues his dedication to simplifying the healthcare reimbursement process to improve patient outcomes while also improving the payor and provider processes to deliver those outcomes.

Prior, Perry was the founder of AccessDx, a company whose mission is Delivering on the Promise of Personalized Medicine ™. At AccessDx his goal was to help patients receive personalized medicine by making it easier to access personalized medicine diagnostic tests (PMDx).

It was there that Perry’s core belief took hold: That there is no personalized medicine without the direct involvement of a PMDx to help direct care. He has worked to bridge the gap by having a network of allies (patients, patient advocacy groups, physicians, payors and PMDx companies) working together to deliver personalized medicine.

Before AccessDx, Perry was general manager for Premier Source, the part of AmerisourceBergen that focuses exclusively on the unique commercialization needs of novel diagnostic providers and manufacturers, particularly those whose tests advance the utilization of personalized medicine.

Here, Perry led his team in working closely with the Lash Group, the leader in patient support services for the pharmaceutical industry, to maximize operational efficiency and ensure diagnostic customers can access best-in-class technology infrastructure and solutions to support physicians and patients.

Perry was also founder of The Diagnostics Conference, which is aimed at bringing together the principal thought leaders and executives in personalized medicine, from leading diagnostic companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers, to discuss the current challenges and subsequent opportunities for launching a successful diagnostic test in the U.S. marketplace.

He also led the reimbursement efforts for Precision Therapeutics and XDx, diagnostic companies that are considered pioneers in the laboratory test development business model. In this business model, the molecular diagnostic is performed in a CLIA certified laboratory and the company is at financial risk for all services. Here, he was responsible for all billing, appeals, and payor relations activities for both companies, where he brought a wealth of commercial knowledge to successfully launch a diagnostic test.